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LSTEAM outline

Little STEAMers

Erasmus+ KA101 project to foster Critical thinking, Crativity, Collaboration and Communication for problem solving from early childhood.

Duration: 1.9.2020 – 31.8.2022

Students age: 3-15

Staff activities: Job Shadowing, Structured Courses

Through job shadowing, participants will enhance the development of key competences:

  • digital competences,
  • multilingual competences,
  • entrepreneurial mindsets,
  • collaborative learning,
  • critical thinking
  • creativity.

We envisioned the acronym LSTEAM (Little STEAMers) four C’s (foster the development of the four C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication from Early Childhood to Adolescence).

Particularly important to us is the collaboration in STEAM:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics

Indirectly, we will also pursue environmental objectives within STE(A)M by addressing issues related to:

  • raising awareness of environmental and climate change challenges,
  • saving resources,
  • reducing energy and waste,
  • replacing carbon footprint,
  • choosing sustainable food and mobility options.

We will strive to explore innovative practices in the field of Artificial intelligence.

In the process of educating staff through job shadowing visits and in preparation for partner visiting our school, we will test innovative practices that can prepare students, staff and youth workers to become true factors of change. Through smaller units of problem learning, we will seek to achieve behavior changes in individuals’ preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles.

As a counterweight to the virtual worlds we will also expose:

  • social competencies through various social games,
  • adoption of shared values,
  • equality,
  • social inclusion,
  • diversity and non-discrimination,
  • with a particular focus on gender equality.

Attention will also be paid to raising awareness and understanding of the context of the European Union, in particular with regard to the common values of the EU. In this way, we will encourage mutual cooperation and help reduce gender and intercultural differences, which are especially present due to the increased number of migrants in recent years.

Primary school Radlje ob Dravi

Our school is located in small town Radlje ob Dravi, located in the north of Slovenia. In our school we have 500 students ages 6 to 15 an 200 children in kindergarten, which is located near the school. Around 60 teachers and 20 educators are employed.

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